Do I need mortgage life insurance?

I live in a town-house and I am about to purchase a detached house. I currently have enough life insurance to cover my townhouse mortgage, but this new home purchase will increase the amount I owe. My bank is recommending mortgage life insurance. Should I take out a policy? Mortgage life insurance is designed to[…]

Save money when replacing windows

Just because you have condensation or dirt spots inside your window panes doesn’t mean you have to pay for new windows. Save money by re-using the frame and replacing the glass. Replacing windows is an expensive project that not only includes the cost of the window itself, but also the cost of installation (for the[…]

Are you flushing $580 down the toilet?

A leaky faucet or toilet is literally money going down the drain. Instead, spend a weekend (or a few hundred dollars for a plumber) and you’ll save a chunk of change each year. A tap that leaks only one drop of water per second adds up to 10,000 litres of water lost over the course[…]

Secrets of the rich: Use other people’s money

Want to build a real estate empire or grow a business from scratch, but you don’t have the cash? Try a little leverage. Borrow to buy real estate It was the mid-1980s and D.G. Southen was only 24 years old when he bought his first investment — a house near the University of Western Ontario[…]