Best schools in Ontario in 2016

The top five schools in Ontario

Want to know the best rated schools based on average test scores for basic academic skills? Here are the top five schools in the top five cities in Ontario, as ranked in our Best Places to Live 2016 report.

Keep in mind that this is a ranking based on an “overall rating out of 10.” Any rating above 6.0 is considered above average, based on the methodology created by the Fraser Institute. Any school with a rating of 6.0 or more is teaching the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic in an above-average manner, based on standardized tests of those basic skills.

Best Places 2016 rankingBest Places 2015 rankCityTop 5 Elementary SchoolsRATING (Last 5 years)RATING (Most recent year)Top 5 Secondary SchoolsRATING (Last 5 years)RATING (Most recent year)
No. 1No. 2OttawaAhlul Bayt Islamicn/a8.9Glebe7.28.6
Abraarn/a8.6De La Salle88.3
Hopewell Avenue8.48.5Samuel-Genest7.17.1
St. George8.18.5Franco-Cite6.46.4
No. 2No. 3BurlingtonOur Lady of Fatima7.88.4Corpus Christi8.18.1
St Raphaels7.98.3Nelson8.28.2
Canadian Martyrs8.68.2Assumption7.57.5
St. Annen/a8.2Aldershot7.47.4
Charles R. Beaudoin8.48.1Notre Dame7.87.8
No. 3No. 6OakvilleE J Jamesn/a9.7Oakville Trafalgar8.99.1
Munns8.79.1Abbey Park8.89
St. Matthew’s8.48.8Iroquois Ridge8.68.9
James W. Hilln/a8.7White Oaks8.18.3
St Andrew8.58.4Garth Webbn/a8.1
No. 10No. 16WaterlooOur Lady of Lourdesn/a9.2Sir John A Macdonald7.78
St Nicholas88.2Bluevale7.77.5
Laurelwood8.68.1St David6.77.5
Abraham Erb7.38Waterloo7.37.4
No. 15No. 7StratfordJeanne Sauve7.37.5Stratford Central8.27.4
St Aloysius87.3St Michael6.76.3
North Easthopen/a7Stratford Northwestern5.44.8

n/a = Insufficient data
— = No other entries 

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