Workplace Stress and What You Can Do About It

Three years ago, I was thrilled to accept a four-week contract with a Toronto-based non-profit. As a former volunteer, I was excited to use my expertise to help an organization whose mission I supported and believed in. It also paid the bills! What should have been a month of tireless, passionate work turned into four-weeks[…]

Fight, Flight or Positive Respite

Annabelle is a 53-year-old perimenopausal woman who was just offered an early retirement package from the corporation she worked at for almost 30 years. Slightly apprehensive, she is opting for the package, as she is close to retirement, and figures a year, or two (or five) won’t make that much difference in her lifestyle. This[…]

Healthy Rituals – Strong Messages

What we all need to develop powerful patterns in everyday life Science advocates them; religious leaders abide by them; we live and breathe based on them. They are rituals. Rituals dictate how we sleep, eat, work, and play. While often associated with schedules and patterns, rituals are also expressive ways we interact with ourselves, our[…]