Damage caused by Mississauga house explosion will be costly

One home suddenly exploded. Now there’s damage to dozens of others. So who picks up the tab? Home insurance to the rescue Minutes after a deafening explosion late Tuesday night, residents in Hickory Drive in Mississauga, Ont. ran from their homes. A home had unexpectedly exploded. Obliterating the tin-foil lined bungalow and catastrophically damaging two[…]


$100 to protect your home from a lightning strike

Lightning rarely destroys a home but the average insurance claim is US$4,324 It’s beautiful and alluring. It can also be devastating. According to the U.S.-based Insurance Institute, lightning strikes rarely destroy a home, but they can cause quite a bit of damage. In 2009, the average homeowner insurance claim damage, due to lightning was US$4,324.[…]