When diamonds aren’t forever

Many jewellers allow you to ‘upgrade’ your diamond for a new and bigger one. But make sure you get a fair price. When your fiancé first proposed, you were happy to take what you could get. After all, the poor guy was just starting out. So you squinted at the speck of diamond in your[…]

What is your neighbour’s house worth?

Finding out is easier (and cheaper) than you might think. Ever wondered if your neighbour’s house is worth more than yours? Curious about what the house across the street fetched when it last went up for sale? Wonder no more. You might be surprised to hear that you likely have easy access to not just[…]

The solution to mortgage confusion

<em> Rate-cappers, hybrids, all-in-ones. Today’s mortgages come in dozens of flavours. Here’s how to pick the right one for you. </em> I wanted to know my number. It was a few years ago and my honey and I about were about to purchase our first home. But like many first-time buyers, we were overwhelmed by[…]

The delicate art of negotiation

<em>When Jody bought his condo, he beat out a competing offer that was $10,000 higher. How? A little strategic psychology.</em> Jody White is one happy man. Just before the holidays our resident web guru (he writes the Proving Grounds blog for MoneySense.ca) became the proud owner of his first condo. The amazing thing is that[…]