Healthy Rituals – Strong Messages

What we all need to develop powerful patterns in everyday life Science advocates them; religious leaders abide by them; we live and breathe based on them. They are rituals. Rituals dictate how we sleep, eat, work, and play. While often associated with schedules and patterns, rituals are also expressive ways we interact with ourselves, our[…]

Shattering glass

Nancy McCulver* thought she struck gold when, in the late 1980s, she went to work for a large, multinational bank based in the U.S. The only woman on a team specializing in international mergers and acquisitions, with an eye on hedge fund management. Her science and math background certainly helped. The job involved complex matters[…]

E-waste: The effluence of affluence

The scene is set: Humans struggle to survive on an Earth — now toxic and contaminated — that is suffocating beneath the cast-off electronic and electric goods of yesteryear. While most would consider this to be the archetypal scene of a dystopian future, some experts are saying it’s not far off from the current reality.[…]

Diaper debate: Cloth makes a comeback

Eco-friendly and cost-conscious parents are turning to cloth diapers when it comes to deciding what will cover baby’s bottom When it comes to caring for our babies, most people want only the best. For more and more parents, however, what’s best extends far beyond the crib, nursery or playschool — the decisions involve what is[…]