Gym dandy

What’s the biggest financial issue you face when choosing a gym? Whether you’ll actually go. Here’s how to find a club you’ll love. Alexandra MacQueen easily lifts 40,000 to 50,000 pounds per week. She calls it her “completely average mid-40s female who loves weight-lifting” routine. Not even a torn knee ligament prevented this working mom[…]

Airport foam seeps into creek

Public warned to stay away from toxic spill Authorities are warning the public to stay away – and keep their pets away – from Etobicoke Creek after a potentially hazardous chemical spill. “It is a toxic substance that can seriously irritate the skin and eyes,” Steve Shaw, vice-president of corporate affairs and communication at Pearson[…]

WALKERTON: How a town lives in a fear as killer bacteria takes over

WALKERTON – Frightened residents of this southwestern Ontario town demanded answers yesterday as the death toll in Canada’s worst ever E. coli outbreak climbed to five. So far, a 2-year-old girl and four adults have died in the past two days. The fifth victim, an elderly patient, died late Wednesday night. As of last night,[…]

Workplace Stress and What You Can Do About It

Three years ago, I was thrilled to accept a four-week contract with a Toronto-based non-profit. As a former volunteer, I was excited to use my expertise to help an organization whose mission I supported and believed in. It also paid the bills! What should have been a month of tireless, passionate work turned into four-weeks[…]