Do I need mortgage life insurance?

ASK MONEYSENSE: I live in a town-house and I am about to purchase a detached house. I currently have enough life insurance to cover my townhouse mortgage, but this new home purchase will increase the amount I owe. My bank is recommending mortgage life insurance. Should I take out a policy? Michelle Imbeau, Port Moody,[…]

Bank nationalization best solution for U.S. financial crisis: Staples

Nationalizing banks is the best solution to ending the U.S. financial crisis, says the voice of the oldest international organization devoted to investor protection. Rex Staples, general counsel to the North American Securities Administrators Association, a Washington, D.C.-based voluntary group, said the U.S. should look to Norway’s experience with nationalizing banks. When Norway realized it[…]

Victory for brokers: Reaction to Flaherty’s announcement

The federal government intends to stop Canada’s banks from using their online websites to sell insurance. The announcement—which was met with cheers, and a few jeers, across the country—came more than 18 weeks after the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Services (OSFI) gave banks the green-light to sell insurance online. Robert (Bob) King, a[…]

Scrap the five year review and create a tiered auto product: CEO panel

The government of Ontario may have taken a page from The Prince when it comes to dealing with the province’s auto insurance. At least, this is the perspective of AXA Canada’s Jean-Francois Blais. While speaking at the Independent Brokers Association of Ontario’s 89th annual CEO panel, Blais suggested that the government was pulling a Machiavallian[…]