Airport foam seeps into creek

Public warned to stay away from toxic spill Authorities are warning the public to stay away – and keep their pets away – from Etobicoke Creek after a potentially hazardous chemical spill. “It is a toxic substance that can seriously irritate the skin and eyes,” Steve Shaw, vice-president of corporate affairs and communication at Pearson[…]

Investors await key vote on biofuels

Healthy skepticism toward the ethanol fad is prompting Canadian parliamentarians to take a second look at Bill C-33 — the bill that would set minimum levels of biofuels to be blended with gasoline, diesel and heating oil. Any decision could subsequently affect related commodity prices, which have soared due to biofuel demand over the past[…]

Obama faces tough test

Barack Obama’s victory in the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday has been heralded as a turning point in history. The long, hard-fought campaign may soon seem like a vacation, though, as the president-elect gets to work on solving the problems of a country that’s had no shortage of calamities. The first priority will be to[…]