Can mortgages make you rich?

Investors I speak to these days aren’t too troubled by low interest rates or the inability to find safe, reliable income. That doesn’t mean they’ve parked their cash and let inflation erode their portfolios. Instead, they’re cashing in on the double-digit returns of Mortgage Investment Corporations, known as MICs (pronounced MIC as in Mick Jagger).[…]


Tax profit as income or capital gains?

Recently, I chatted with a couple who, after seven years, sold their century-old row house in Toronto’s Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood. With grins plastered on their faces, they happily declared the best part was their sizeable profit—they sold for $300,000 more than they originally paid—was completely tax-free. This got me thinking. Every week we get questions from[…]

The Success Factor

The next time you are shopping in the area, drop by and see me. Imagine if this is how a client or broker attempted to initiate a business relationship with you? Lynne Triffon, CFP, R.F.P., vice-president and senior financial planner at T.E. Wealth, doesn’t have to imagine. It was the late 1980s and Triffon had[…]

Expats face complex RRSP rules

Very few global companies are headquartered in Canada, yet our global economy requires professionals to interact on the world stage. As such, many professionals, seeking an edge, opt to work abroad. As can be expected, this choice comes with a plethora of logistical problems; it also can mean significant financial losses or gains depending on[…]