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Six short feet. That’s how close Bruce Ritchie came to dying one October morning two years ago. Bruce and his wife Marilyn had arrived at their daughter’s Georgetown, Ont., house in the wee hours of the morning, after a frantic call from their son-in-law, Pete. Their very pregnant daughter Allison had gone into labour and[…]

HST tax will prompt premium increase

Financial services—including the P&C industry—are the losers in the push for tax harmonization within Canada. This was the message Danny Cisterna, partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP, left the delegates at the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s Financial Affairs Symposium in Toronto on April 23, 2009. Cisterna was referring to the implementation of the Ontario tax[…]

Ontario drivers face large insurance rate hikes: Minister Duncan

Millions of Ontario drivers may soon face double-digit premium hikes due to cost pressures impacting insurers and prompting premium increases. Recently there have been reports that insurers serving more than a quarter of the province’s drivers are being allowed to raise rates a second or third time in about 12 months. This will translate into[…]