Active managers fare better in bear market

According to the recently released Russell Active Manager report, 65% of large cap Canadian equity active managers beat the benchmark during the extreme volatility of the third quarter of 2008. According to the report, this is the highest rate of outperformance since the first quarter of 2007, with the number of active managers beating the[…]

Tips for responsible investing

Days before a potential “promise” by Liberal leader Stéphane Dion — that his new carbon-tax plan will not include an increase at the pumps — the CFA Institute has released 10 tips on becoming a socially responsible investor. The report, released on Tuesday, is based on the 2007 Report on Socially Responsible Investing Trends in[…]

Canada tops investment list: Haber

A soaring currency. The threat of inflation. A potential recession prompted by a slowing U.S. economy. Despite today’s volatile market, investors in Canadian resources are poised to cash in on a bullish market, according to Fidelity Investments Canada. The mutual fund giant predicts that the nation’s economy is set to surge in the next few[…]

Don’t mistake illiquidity for alpha

While many may have doubted the significant risk associated with liquidity in global (and domestic) financial markets — in relation to other types of risks, such as value, market or credit risk — the fallout from last year’s sub-prime crisis has prompted a thought conversion. One of the leaders in this change of thought is[…]