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20% of survey respondents admitted that their messy garage had prompted arguments with their spouse

Space-saving tips for a messy garage

Are you crammed in your quarters? Struggling to find space? Have you considered a garage overhaul?
Our home’s garage serves a lot of purposes, but its primary function is to house your car. Yet, according to a Gladiator GarageWorks survey last year, one in four North Americans confessed that their garage was so disorganized they couldn’t even fit their car inside. Worse, 20% of survey respondents admitted that their messy garage had prompted arguments with their spouse.
Of course, not everyone intends to use their garage for car storage. More than a quarter (27%) said they use their garage for hobbies and personal projects, while 23% used their garage for automotive work, another 19% used it for woodworking or carpentry, while 13% used their garage for sports or exercise. Regardless of how you use the space, almost three-quarters (74%) of homeowners wished their garage was better-organized.To eliminate the extra baggage of a messy garage, here’s some space saver steps for decluttering the mess.


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Romana King

Romana King is an award-winning personal finance columnist and real estate expert. She specializes in creating editorial content that uses data to help home buyers, sellers and investors make smarter real estate decisions.

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