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Who’s Shopping For Canadian Homes?

10.5 million foreign buyers searched online for Canadian homes to buy

In the market to sell your house and want to know who’s buying our homes? Still, debating whether or not foreign money impacts Canadian real estate prices? You may want to consider how many visits Canadian real estate listings got last year from foreign buyers. According to the current Insights Report, from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), there were more than 10.5 million international visits to in 2015.

As the most popular real estate website in Canada, received more than 71 million unique visitors last year. The vast majority were Canadian repeat buyers (62%) or first-time home buyers (12%).

Of the international visits to the site, the vast majority came from the United States (67.3%), while Chinese and Hong Kong buyers accounted for 4.7% of the visits (2.7% and 2%, respectively), and UK residents made up 3.9% of the visits to Canada’s leading online listings market. 

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