Bulletin: F2 tornado rips across southern Ontario

There is one confirmed death and already more than 600 reports of damaged homes after an F2 tornado, and violent thunderstorms, struck southern Ontario on the evening of August 21.

Environment Canada confirmed that at least one tornado touched down during the southern Ontario storm, last week, however there were reports of up to four tornados and numerous funnel cloud sightings, as well as reports of flipped cars, flooding, destroyed buildings and uprooted trees in communities touched by the storms.

It is still early for an estimate of how much damage this storm caused, as many home owners are still grabbling with the losses caused by high winds, hail, rain and flying debris.

What makes this storm particularly unique are the dozens of unconfirmed reports of funnel clouds travelling through the central core of Toronto, Canada’s most urban centre.

“There were at least four [funnel clouds] but it is too early to confirm with certainty,” said Peter Kimbell, a meteorologist at Environment Canada, during an interview with A.M. Best.  According to Kimbell five teams from the federal ministry were investigating the damage across the region.

The confirmed death was of an 11-year-old boy who was camping at a conservation area near the small town of Durham, Ontario (northwest of Toronto).

Insurers involved in this geographic area expect to see steady claims for the next several days, particularly after vacation property owners, with cottages on Lake Huron and in the Georgian Bay area, have had chance to assess damage over the weekend.

Originally published on CITopBroker.com on August 24, 2009

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