How to tell the taxman you’re selling your home

sell home

How do you declare your principal residence exemption? Q: My husband and I just sold our family home. We have two young children and won’t be purchasing another home at this time. Instead, we’ll spend the next six months evaluating our options. The home we sold was our principle residence. We purchased this home 15 years ago for $182,500. […]

Use the principal residence exemption to save on taxes

save on taxes

When you own multiple properties there are strategies to help save on capital gains taxes What if you and your spouse got married only to find out that your careers would take you to different parts of the country? To keep your careers going, you find a solution that includes living in separate houses, each located […]

Being hooked on debt has long-term consequences

mortgage debt

There’s a cost that goes beyond low interest rates you see posted online Hooked on debt. It’s an apt description for the rising debt-to-income levels currently seen in Canada and a new survey by Manulife Bank highlights there’s a high price to our debt dependency—a cost that goes far beyond the low interest rates you see […]