IBAO focuses on legacy-building

The Independent Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) will focus on three areas in 2010:

  • improving their digital presence;
  • identifying and growing future leaders;
  • and ensuring a consumer focus within each area of the industry.

Incoming IBAO 2010 president, Bryan Yetman spoke to the delegates at the luncheon on Friday. His three areas of focus, listed above, along with the 2010 theme, Leave a Legacy and Build a Future, will help shape, mould and grow the “best distribution channel,” in the P&C industry, said Yetman.

“I can’t tell you what the future will look like 10 years from now, but I can tell you it will be drastically different,” said Yetman who is already a well known volunteer and contributor to the association.

As a result, Yetman expressed a need for the association and for individual brokers to develop a stronger and greater web presence. “Research shows that we have less than two years to develop and implement a strategy,” or become eliminated.

The opportunity from web and information overload is our ability to become advice providers, explained the 34-year-old director of operations for First Durham Insurance Group.

“It isn’t the needs of consumers that have changed, it’s their expectations.”

Yetman also acknowledged and thanked Rod Hancock for taking a leadership role in spearheading a new future leaders program at the IBAO.

Finally, Yetman reminded the packed room of broker delegates that political action—and all calls to action—are just as important now as they were in the summer, when brokers across the country came out to protest the banks selling or promoting insurance products in-branch or online through bank channels.

“I have found the more engaged I become the more involved I am,” said Yetman, “and the more involved I am the more engaged I become.” As such, he openly encouraged broker principles to identify key individuals and encourage them to get active in associations, such as the IBAO.

In the end, Yetman and the IBAO staff and incoming board all hope to: Leave a Legacy and Build a Future.

Originally published in Canadian Insurance Business Magazine in October 2009

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