Repetitive application process necessary for due diligence

Systematic consistency is essential to effective claims handling, stated a claims management specialist at the 89th Annual IBAO Conference, this Friday Oct. 23, 2009.“The task we give our least attention to can become an invaluable piece of evidence later on,” said Stephen Scullion, director of professional development, Crawford Adjusters.According to Scullion, the onus is on the plaintiff to prove a misrepresentation—that a broker didn’t do their job—and that proof can be as simple as a consistent application process routine.

“If you have a routine you are safe,” said Scullion. “The idea is if you do every application the same, take the time and complete the paperwork… get a regular routine,” then any claim that may be brought against you will be buffered by your proven regular routine, which proves your consistent due diligence.

He suggests:

  • take the time to develop and follow the routine;
  • train everyone in the office and make sure they follow the same process

Learn the Law
Scullion also suggested that brokers read and learn what statutes govern their business.

He suggests brokers in Ontario bookmark the Elaws Ontario webpage (

“Our business is based on laws; laws set the rules and is the ground work between the insurer and insured. This website will save you a lot of grief and give you a lot of information,” said Scullion. “It lists every piece of legislation and law passed by the government of Ontario, listed alphabetically.”

Originally published on on October 23, 2009

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