Romana King

Personal finance writer. Real estate expert. Speaker.

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Personal finance writer. Real estate expert. Speaker.

Romana King is an award winning personal finance writer, a real estate expert and speaker. Romana's real estate and personal finance coverage can be found in her blog for, as well as Maclean's, Canadian Business, Chatelaine, Today's Parent as well as other regional and national publications. Over the years she has contributed to a variety of business and lifestyle publications including as, The Toronto Sun and The Toronto Star.

Among her achievements Romana was nominated for a 2015 SABEW Business Journalism award, won Gold in the 2014 CPA Finance Reporting award, was nominated for a 2011 National Magazine award and a 2010 KRW Business Journalism award. As editor, Romana helped CI Top Broker obtain its first KRW Business Journalism nomination and in 2011, Romana was part of the team that helped MoneySense win Magazine of the Year at the 34th annual National Magazine Awards.

While Romana has extensive experience working in print and providing custom editorial, she’s spent as many years in the online space and as a guest on various television shows, including CityTV News, iChannel and Breakfast Television.

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