In the media

Romana is interviewed on a regular basis. She’s appeared on news programs, morning information programs, podcasts, vlodcasts and online media companies throughout North America. You can learn more about Romana’s background here, or view a selection of her media appearances, below.

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast - logo

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

with Adam and Matta Scalena

Home Ownership, Investing & Retiring Young with Romana King

I join Matt and Adam to discuss using renos to increase your home’s value, reducing your monthly expenses, and tapping into home equity. It’s about making your home the key to your financial health. Giddy up!

YYC Business: It’s Your Business

with Mario Toneguzzi

The Value of Data in Real Estate

We discuss the value of data, how online research is the first point of contact, the impact of low interest rates on the market, the impact of saving money through COVID, and how people are fuelling real estate markets across Canada

Romana King on Breakfast Television - teen money management

Breakfast Television

with Riaz Meghji

Should You Give Your Teen a Credit Card?

We discuss the importance of teaching kids and teens financial literacy and answer the burning question: Should parents give teens a credit card? (YES!)

Erica Alini Global News talks to Romana King

Global News

with Erica Alini

‘Sell Before You Buy’ is the New Housing Market Battle Cry

We discuss buying and selling strategies in a hot market.

Maple Money Show's Tom Drake talks to Romana King

The Maple Money Show

with Tom Drake

How to Manage Your Money with Confidence, with Romana King

Even the most mundane tasks are about money management—and we can all learn better strategies.

The Hartman Media Company (podcast)

with Jason Hartman

Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Best tips for real estate investors with a focus on buy and hold and best practices are in the marketplace.

Global News

with Anne Gaviola

How domestic investors are fuelling Canada’s hot housing market

Vancouver home sales are up nearly 12% over last year and Toronto’s real estate market further intensified last month. Sales topped a November record and average selling prices reached a new all-time high in that market.

City News

with Avery Haines

Sticker shock: Cost of owning a car keeps rising

Romana King of MoneySense offers some tips and advice on commuting in the city on a budget

Breakfast Television

with Tara Jean Stevens

Teaching Kids About Money

Romana King of MoneySense offers some tips and advice on commuting in the city on a budget

Breakfast Television

with Riaz Meghji

Real Estate Choices For Buyers

Romana King tells you what trends to stay on top of to narrow down a list of the best neighbourhoods for you. From commuter time to walkability to finding value across Metro Vancouver, she tells us about the latest housing hot spots.

Breakfast Television

with Riaz Meghji

Optimizing Your Finances

Unsure how to optimize your finances? Romana King offers some advice including how you can meet RRSP deadlines without making an investment mistake.

YYC Business

with Mario Toneguzzi

Best Places to Swim in Alberta

Mario Toneguzzi’s guest on Business Insider: Romana King, a national real estate expert and Director of Content for Zolo, discusses a new report outlining the best lakes and beaches in Alberta.

Breakfast Television

with Frank Flowers

Last-minute money-saving tips as RRSP deadline approaches

Romana King, senior editor, MoneySense magazine, shares her tips and tricks.

Breakfast Television

with Riaz Meghji

Teaching Kids About Money: Why You Shouldn’t Tie Chores to An Allowance

Moneysense Senior Editor Romana King shares the biggest lesson parents need to learn when it comes to teaching kids about money and offers practical tips on what you can do to educate your kids.


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