Ten ways to trim your household spending

Looking for ways to save around the house? Here are 10 tips that will leave you a little wealthier at the end of the month. Save on your home insurance Most home insurance policies offer a standard $500 deductible, which is the amount you pay if you make a claim. But if you raise your[…]

Home safe home

Six short feet. That’s how close Bruce Ritchie came to dying one October morning two years ago. Bruce and his wife Marilyn had arrived at their daughter’s Georgetown, Ont., house in the wee hours of the morning, after a frantic call from their son-in-law, Pete. Their very pregnant daughter Allison had gone into labour and[…]

Validating Our Tools

Economic disparities and unreliable quotes sparked debates across the country on insurance-to-value and the technology behind the tool. A solution to inaccurate data may be at hand, which is good news for brokers. There is no denying that insurance to value (ITV) is a widespread problem in Canada. Still. Even as the media focuses on[…]

Credit scoring debate heats up despite potential industry ignorance

One integral disparity in the industry today is the use—or misuse—of credit scoring.According to Rodney Hancock, CEO of McFarlan Rowlands and chair of the Independent Broker’s Association of Ontario (IBAO), insurers currently using credit scoring, outside of setting home policies, are in direct violation of the rulings of regulators. Hancock made his remarks during a[…]